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L.E.O. - The Unique Home Health Operations Engine

Our cloud based Home Health Operations Management Product, L.E.O. - (Learn | Engage | Optimize) is a robust solution for any Home Healthcare Firm. The unique product has the capability to manage your patients with custom work flows, task manager, scheduling and visits management modules. 

The Software has the capability to manage multiple Home Healths, Physician Offices, Marketers, Nurse Practitioners and Insurances. The intelligent scheduling module in our software allows you to schedule your Nurse Practitioners for In-person or Tele-Health visits with the help of google maps. The report generation and filter features give the ability to analyse any operations data that you need for your day to day operations. The customisable Dashboard gives you the patterns and insights for your planning and projections for your firm.

If you are a Home Healthcare firm looking for an operations management solution, you are at the right place. Just talk to us to understand the solutions we offer.

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We have a dedicated team that understands your problems and suggests custom healthcare solutions for you. Our cloud based software product for home health operations management is a unique solution for Home Health operations.


If you think you have a problem which needs a custom software solution, you can just talk to us. We will build a software solution for you from scratch.

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Working Together on Project

A unique home health operations management team in India for all your day to day operational tasks, is one of our top solution. Our team is trained in home health operations management and is lead by Healthcare Business Professionals.


If you are an owner or an administrator of a Healthcare company and you think you need help in the day to day operations of your company, just talk to us. We have the world's best Healthcare operations team with us.

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If you are a person with a really good idea or a business with a desire to  implement AI Solutions in your business and if you are searching for the right partner to make that idea into a reality, then you are at the right place. You can partner with us to make your dream come true. Our tailor-made startup solutions and products are the right fit for you.


If you have an idea that you think will disrupt the world, just contact us to know more about the startup solutions we offer and we will make your idea into a reality.

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